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Become a League Member

Join LWV and be directly involved in shaping the important issues in our community. The League of Women Voters is where hands-on work to safeguard democracy leads to civic improvement.

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Who are our members?
Who are our members?

Membership in the League of Women Voters, the most respected and effective grassroots organization in the country, is open to men and women of all ages. Our members make a visible difference by serving as community leaders using their experience to create positive, lasting change in our communities.

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Why should I join?
Why should I join?

Through participation in League projects, you will:

  • contribute valuable service to the community
  • gain knowledge and experience through the study and discussion of timely and important topics
  • discover new interests, develop new skills and learn about crucial issues in your community
  • make professional contacts and develop lasting friendships as you meet others in League who share your interests

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How much time does it take?
How much time does it take?

It's up to you! Many members choose to support the League only with their annual dues. Your membership alone gives us the political influence needed to build a voice for citizens and a force for change. We cover a broad spectrum of issues and concerns; you may choose to become involved in one or more of them by actively participating in a group study, or listening to a panel of experts at a meeting or just reading about them in one of our publications.

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What do I get?
What do I get?

You automatically become a member of LWV Texas and LWV of the United States. You will receive their publications along with the newsletter from the Tarrant County League of Women Voters called The Voter which is usually published 10 times each year. You will have the knowledge that you are adding your voice to a powerful force of members from all 50 states, Washington DC, the Virgin Islands, and Hong Kong.

Join or Renew

It's easy to renew or join LWV online!

Select the level of Membership you desire and click on JOIN. Please be sure to fill out your complete contact information.

Basic Memberships

Standard Membership

$75 per person per year

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Household Membership

$75 for one person + half off for additional members per year. This is a great options for couples or families who wish to join together.

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Student Membership

$5 per person per year. Must be a college or high school student.

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Sustaining Membership

Any dollar amount above a "basic" membership stays with our local League to support our work here in Tarrant County.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton Sustaining Membership

$100 per person per year

Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a women's rights and anti-slavery activist who along with Lucretia Mott held the first Woman’s Rights convention at Seneca Falls, New York. She authored the "Declaration of Sentiments" a reimagining of the Declaration of Independence that included women as equal participants in society and became one of the earliest leaders of the suffrage movement.

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Carrie Chapman Catt Advocate Membership

$150 per person per year

Carrie Chapman Catt served as the president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association and was a key leader in the fight to pass the 19th Amendment, granting women the vote, by uniting state-level women's suffrage groups across the country.  After that success, she founded the League of Women Voters in 1920 and served as its president.

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Mary McLeod Bethune Patron Membership

$200 per person per year

Mary McLeod Bethune, the daughter of former slaves, was a writer, educator, business woman, and tireless political activist. She opened a boarding school for African American girls in 1904 in Florida. Her school evolved into a a fully-accredited university. Bethune served as Vice President of the NAACP and she founded the National Council of Negro Women in 1935 and served as its President.

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Eleanor Roosevelt Benefactor Membership

$300 per person per year

One of the most famous leaders in women's rights history, Eleanor Roosevelt fought for women's professional advancement as First Lady by ensuring women access to New Deal opportunities and supporting women's labor organizations. Later she served on JFK's Presidential Commission on the Status of Women.

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Clota Boykin Founders Membership

$350 for one person

After the passage of the 19th Amendment, Clota Boykin became the first president of the League of Women Voters of Fort Worth.  Before that she served as president of the Fort Worth Women's Suffrage Club (1915 - 1919).  She was also the first vice president of the League of Women Voters of Texas.

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